Netmemo Privacy Policy

Updated: 2020-02-10


The Netmemo Android app is only available from Google Play Store. Always update to the latest version to make sure this policy is in effect.

App Permissions

Access to Microphone

Because Netmemo is an audio recorder, the app will request permission to access data from your microphone. This data is handled as personal and sensitive information and is only stored locally on your decice.

When you choose to send the audio recorded within the Netmemo app, the actual sending is delegated to other apps and services. For information about how your data is handled by these services, refer to the respective privacy policy of each service. At the time of this writing, the following services can be used for sending your audio data from within Netmemo:

Access to Device Storage

Netmemo temporarily stores your audio recordings on your device. In order to do this, Netmemo requires access to your storage. Netmemo will only use the storage permission to write and read the data that you have recorded using the app itself. Netmemo will not attempt to access any other data created by any other app.

Permission to Send Email

One of the main features of Netmemo is to record and send an audio recording with a minimum of clicks needed from the user. To achieve this, the user has the option to enable automatic sending of recordings in the background. If the user choses to enable this feature, the app requires the privilege to send emails from your Gmail account in the background. Netmemo does not require, and will not ask, for any read permissions for the users' email.

Netmemo will only use the send privilege to deliver the audio recordings the user makes in Netmemo, and not for any other purpose. Netmemo will only send recordings right after they are created by the user in the app, or as soon as the device is online if the recording is made while offline. The privilege to send emails will not be used at any other time nor for any other purpose than the ones mentioned above.

Netmemo's use of any information recieved from the Gmail APIs will adhere to Google's Limited Use Requirements.

App Analytics

Netmemo also collects user analytics data which we use to improve the app. This data does not contain unique identifiers or personal data. The data contains contextual information about user sessions, for example, coarse level location (country, city), device model and Android version. It also contains data about app usage, for example, which screens and features are used the most. The analytics data is shared with and stored in Mixpanel.